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Unmatched performance, sustainability, and warranty TRC Gas Lift Technologies sets the Standard.

TRC Gas Lift Technologies portfolio is focused on the entire Gas Lift Ecosystem with an emphasis on a reduction in carbon intensity & increasing efficiency – with patent-processes, design & enhanced materials built into our Robust Gas Lift products and sub-assemblies along with industry leading Super Sonic technologies, boosting production capability and lowering lift gas required for your gas lifted wells.

Gas Lift Production Enhancement Tool

By using supersonic technology, the enhancement tool boosts efficiency of your gas lifted wells, increases production and reduces lift gas needs over stand alone gas lift.

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Gas Lift Enhancement Tool

Gas Lift Enhancement tool designed to improve gas lift efficiency to increase production. It is proven to boost production and save lift gas from your existing gas lifted wells.
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Robust Gas Lift Products & Services

Patent-pending processes, utilizing design and enhanced materials built into our gas lift products, sub-assemblies ad services, raising the gas lift standard, contributing to longer field life than industry average.
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"By deploying TRC Gas Lift enhancement tool with slick line in less than 7hrs, the tool delivered 50 BOE while saving 400MMSCFD in lift gas!!!"


"TRC Gas Lift enhancement tool increased our production by 12% or 60bbls, while lowering lift gas by 28%"



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