About TRC

Our Philosophy On Providing Artificial Lift Solutions

Our Board of Directors gave our corporate officers a single directive: “Transform the sucker rod reclamation industry.” The Board had a vision: “That there would be a day when oil and gas production engineers would call TRC for expert advice on how to lower their lifting cost.” Our corporate officers told our management teams that they had a mission: “Provide the very best valued sucker rod in terms of lowest net cost and longest service life.”

Our management teams devised a strategy that we believe accomplishes our mission and allows us to achieve our vision. Separate independent corporations were formed to service you in the best way we know how.

We practice a highly decentralized management style. The presidents of our corporations are given a great deal of autonomy and have a high level of independent responsibility for their businesses and their performance. We believe that independent operations are better able to serve you by focusing closely on their products and reacting quickly to your needs. In addition, this makes it easier to measure their performance. Our team’s performance continually exceeds expectations and everyone is encouraged to think outside the box at all times. When you do business with TRC, you are dealing with a single source, eliminating the headache of dealing with multiple, unrelated vendors.

This philosophy will reduce your internal costs, as your price per service will be reduced, and accountability becomes very identifiable. It simply makes sense! Give yourself more time, put more money in your bank account, and if something goes awry, you will not see any more vendors pointing their fingers at each other. Give us the authority to help you, and we will shoulder the responsibility.

TRC prides itself on being at the forefront of technological innovation in the artificial lift industry.

TRC prides itself on being at the forefront of technological innovation in the artificial lift industry.

What Sets Us Apart

Our Legacy


First Patent for Sucker Rod Inspection

Bob Payne, the founder of Rodco/ICO, and TRC, filed the first patent for the sucker rod inspection process which later issued in 1976. The patent emphasized the use of shot peening. At the time, shot peening was widely criticized for damaging the rods. However, research later proved that shot peening significantly increased the fatigued life of the rods.


Founding of TRC

TRC was founded in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma by Bob Payne, and a group of industry veterans. The group was formed after realizing there was a great need for an experienced, service-oriented sucker rod company. The company was formed strictly to recondition used rods owned by customers utilizing TRC’s proprietary shot peening process. TRC provided its customers with a written warranty, becoming the first and only company to put a warranty on a used rod.


Custom Rod String Designs

TRC began providing its customers with Rod String Designs utilizing both RodStar and SRod software. TRC was able to customize each design to utilize its customers’ existing inventory without compromising the performance of the well.


New Sucker Rods

TRC began distributing new sucker rods to its customers. TRC chose to represent a manufacturer who shot peened their new rods at the time.


TRC Services of Texas, Inc.

TRC Services of Texas, Inc. was founded in Midland, Texas to service its customers sucker rod needs in the Permian Basin.


Used Sucker Rods Distribution

TRC began distributing company owned, used sucker rods at each location, providing its customers with a more cost-effective alternative to new sucker rods when they did not have the rods they needed in their own inventory.


Trained Field Technician Services

TRC introduced field technicians to its list of services. To ensure optimal life of sucker rods, TRC offered reliable, well-trained technicians to ensure that proper and consistent installation procedures are followed.


Extensive Testing Program

TRC began an extensive testing program focused on analyzing and comparing the fatigue life of all the sucker rods available on the market as well as the effectiveness of the shot peened process provided by each supplier. Initially, the tests were performed by third-party companies. In 2009, TRC built the equipment to test sucker rods in-house and has put hundreds of millions of cycles on sucker rods.


Failure Analysis Services

TRC added Failure Analysis to its service portfolio. This Analysis can be performed on sucker rods, sucker rod couplings, sinker bars, pony rods, and polished rods. The process is performed by experienced specialists proficient in fracture mechanics utilizing state-of-the-art industrial laboratory equipment.


Fiberflex® Fiberglass Rods

TRC began manufacturing Fiberflex® fiberglass rods, the only API monogramed fiberglass rods manufactured in the USA. TRC’s goal was to start with the sucker rod that was recognized as the standard in the industry, and through research and development, continually improve the product, ensuring Fiberflex® remains the best fiberglass sucker rod the industry has to offer.


Well Optimization Services

TRC opened a new department which provides well optimization services to its customers, primarily utilizing Echometer equipment. Well analysis provides a clear picture of the many variables that could impact production and potentially help mitigate lost production due to unexpected equipment failures.


Dual Remanufacturing Plant

TRC built a dual remanufacturing plant on 31-acres in Midland, Texas. TRC shot peening processes were tested and showed enough improvement to start remanufacturing used rods rather than reconditioned rods. Remanufactured rods are the most cost-effective products offered by TRC, performing better than new rods with a longer written warranty.


Rod Guide Facility

TRC built a new facility to manufacture Rod Guides in Midland, Texas. The facility is one of the largest in the United States with four rod guiding machines servicing its customer’s needs. Rod guide design, placement, and material selection are crucial for obtaining the best overall performance from the engineered system.


TRC Pumping Units, Inc.

TRC established TRC Pumping Units, Inc.,  a new subsidiary that serves as a natural extension to the TRC Services brand. The new company was led by a core group of industry veterans determined to deliver the same high-value products and services that TRC was known for, with a focus on surface Pumping Units


TRC Valves, Inc.

TRC established a new subsidiary, TRC Valves, Inc. The company is focused on remanufacturing gas lift systems, utilizing patent pending proprietary designs. The company also manufactures new Gas Lift Systems and a patented Gas Lift Enhancement Tool (Super Sonic Tool) which improves gas lift efficiency while increasing production.